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Beach Lifeguard Course

Training Detiles

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Beach lifeguard Specialty Course    

Certification valid for two years only

Course duration: Two days without First Aid Training

Course Scope and Goals

The purpose of the (Beach lifeguard) Specialty Course is to teach students the skills needed to help recognize, prevent and respond to aquatic emergencies and to provide care for breathing and cardiac emergencies, injuries and sudden illnesses until Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel take over. This includes on-land and in-water rescue skills along with the essential CPR and First aid skills to ensure people employed as lifeguards at beach front can work individually and as team members and undertake their duties in a professional and customer focused manner, thus ensuring the safety of users.

The (Beach Lifeguard) training program has been developed as a continuing education after Pool lifeguard training and certification program, this program is considered as a leading practice to fairly measure the knowledge and proficiency required for the safe and effective beach lifeguarding. The following GOALS has been identified as potential benefits of this professional beach lifeguard training and certification program:


  1. Fewer drowning accidents, injuries, and fatalities;
  2. Reduced risk of loss;
  3. Assurance of lifeguard's abilities and standard code of practice;
  4. Less property damage;
  5. Improved safety records;
  6. Enhanced public image of lifeguards (prevention through education).

Required Competence. (For Beach lifeguard)

By the start of the course, a candidate must:

  1. 16 years old
  2. 200m continuous swim in a comfortable manner
  3. Perform a surface dive and recover a 4 kg weight from a depth of five meters
  4. Tread water for at least 10 minutes.
  5. Meet Belremaitha Medical Requirements.

Prerequisites and administration. (For All Candidates)

1. Valid Copy for passport / ID (be at least 16 years of age).

2. Two new photos.

3. Candidates must signature Code of Ethics and Disciplinary policy and Substance abuse policy and terms and conditions.

4. Have valid Occupational Health Card (from local Health authority/ if you can)

5. Valid International accredited BLS/ First Aid qualifications approved By DCAS.

6. Valid pool lifeguard or any qualifying lifeguard certification for renewal.

Training Date

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