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Pool lifeguard Examination Certification valid for two years only. Examination Duration: one day. Examination: The lifeguard written examination is mandatory for all candidates. The examination shall only be administered after successful completion of BLS, First Aid, Lifeguarding Theory and Practical training sessions. The Exam shall consist of a core examination (general lifeguard duties, 30%) and a (specific pool lifeguard, 70%). Exams may be in multiple choice formats or a combination of multiple choice format, fill in the blanks and small essay writing. The exam may be administered orally if the material and/or the exams are not available in the language the candidate can understand. Passing score is 80%. The lifeguard Practical examination, Final scenario/s shall be administered to assess the competence level of the lifeguard candidate. The scenario/s must include in-water rescue, water exit, pool side rescue, the use of spin board and out of water first aid/BLS for adult, child, and infants including the use of AED and Emergency Oxygen kit use. Certification Collection After reviewing of your candidate file paperwork at Belremaitha Club, you will be awarded the rating of pool lifeguard. You will receive an email support of your lifeguard. Original certification card and lifeguard wall certification can be picking it up from Belremaitha Club reception with in two working weeks. You must bring your passport /ID with you when you pick up your result or certification In order to authorize someone to collect your result or card on behalf, please provide them with following: Letter of authorization to include authorized person full name your full name Candidate filed number Test or certification date and signature. A copy of your original ID document. He /She must bring a photo ID and copy of the same for our records. ------------------------------------------ Certification Verification and Complains http://www.belremaitha.com For the verification of the certification, please email to marketing.lifeguard@belremaitha.club For any complaints or appeals, please email to mahmoudelaskary@belremaitha.club Tel: +971544390899 +97142899844

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