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BRC has a documented structure (organization chart), QHSE Policy and QMS procedures in place which safeguards all the aspects of impartiality. There is an impartiality committee established. The details about the members, their roles and responsibilities are discussed in the Annexure III of Quality Manual QM01).
BRC QHSE policy has been displayed all over the offices where it could be publicly viewed without any request. The impartiality and confidentiality agreement is also displayed on the BRC website without any request so that it is accessible by all public.  This shows the commitment of the top management towards the quality of the service provided along with the impartiality and confidentiality of the information sustained by BRC.
Impartiality shall be achieved in every possible aspect in the procedure of examining and assessing the competency of the candidates. Please refer to table 1 which shows all the probable risks involved along with their control measures.
The certification of personnel shall be executed in accordance to the Examination Procedure QP009. All the applications shall be vetted, scrutinized, candidates shall be assessed fairly and the certification shall be granted on an impartial basis.
The personnel performing their respective jobs shall be informed about the technical scope of activity only. Under no circumstances, they shall be involved in any commercial/financial matters.
The competent Examiners perform the Certification of personnel, Inspection, and testing are full-time employees of BRC. The remuneration is fixed for each employee against his or her labor contract.
The personnel involved in the certification jobs shall follow relevant standards and respective local order to perform their jobs. The personnel shall not consider the relationship based on ownership, governance, management, personnel, contracts, marketing and another inducement for the referral of new clients. They shall be responsible for conducting their jobs in professional and safe manner, in order to reach a judgment, whether the personnel they have witnessed is suitable for its continuing use for the respective field.
BRC has analyzed, documented and eliminated the potential conflict of interest arising from its personnel certification activities as listed in table 1 below. Under no circumstances, the results of their judgment/assessment shall be influenced by any internal or external factors to the Certification body.
The impartiality committee is formed in BRC which would meet once in every year to discuss and review the Risks to the impartiality on an ongoing basis.
Confidentiality agreement shall be made with all the inspection and other key personnel upon their employment, prior to execution of jobs.
Confidentiality agreement shall include the following clauses but shall not be limited to
BRC agrees not to disclose any information relating to the Client’s business or affairs except information which is
in  the possession of BRC certification before the date of the agreement      
in the public domain
required to be disclosed by any competent legal authority,  
disclosed with the client’s authority.
The Prevailing Laws of U.A.E shall govern this agreement.
Certification manager, Examiners, and invigilators shall not disclose any information regarding the candidate or their examination unless warranted by law or legal implications.
In any such case where the information about the candidate is being given to any authority, the same shall be intimated to the information owner.
The examiners and the invigilators shall be required to sign an agreement whereby the declare or accept to intimate BRC in the case of there is any potential conflict of interest or threat observed by their relationship or known person or any undue pressure arising because of the parent organization.


                                                                                           Mahmoud Alaskary

                                                                            (GM Diving /lifeguard/First Aid Center)

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