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EFR - CPR & AED Course

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Who should take this course?
Hotels, companies, security guard or individuals who require a basic First Aid at work (CPR&AED)
qualification approved by the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services (DCAS).The Emergency First
Response CPR & AED course teaches the basic principles of CPR and how to deploy and use an Automated
External Defibrillation (AED) in an emergency situation. This life-saving device can increase a patient’s
chance of survival from a cardiac arrest by fifty percent.

What will you learn?
Knowledge Development (independent study or in a classroom) under the supervision of our qualified
instructor to understand basic principles of Frist Aid. This course will familiarize you with their roles and
responsibilities emergency as well.

CPR & AED Skills
1. Scene Assessment
2. Primary Assessment
3. Adult CPR - Chest Compressions
4. Adult CPR - Chest Compressions Combined with Rescue Breaths
5. Adult CPR and AED Use
6. Child CPR and AED Use
7. Infant CPR
8. Adult and Child Choking
9. Infant Choking

Course duration: 6 hours

The Emergency first response written examination is mandatory for all candidates.
Exams may be in multiple choice formats or a combination of multiple choice format, fill in the blanks and
small essay writing. The exam may be administered orally if the material and/or the exams are not
available in the language the candidate can understand. Passing score is 75%.
Practical examination: Emergency scenario practice allows participants to apply the skills they develop to
realistic situations. Each scenario requires participants to evaluate the scene, recall critical steps, and
take appropriate action.

Certificate and Validity
First Aid Certificate (CPR / AED / Adult / Child / Infant) and Wallet Card approved by Dubai Ambulance
Centre Services Accredited by Emergency first response, valid for 2 years

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