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Complaints and Appeals

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QP008 – complaints and appeals

(BS EN ISO/IEC 17024 Ref – Clause 9.8 & 9.9)

 1.0 Purpose:

          To establish a system for consideration and resolution of appeals against the result of Inspection.

 2.0 Scope:

             This documented procedure describes the steps to be followed where there is a customer complaint in relation to the results of inspection/testing, when disputed, brought to the arbitration of delegated authority.

3.0 Responsibility:

         General Manager shall be primarily responsible for this system.

4.0 Definitions

Complaint – Information by the interested parties citing the deviation of the process and demanding for a clarification of the deviation or its corrective action.

Appeal- Request by applicant/candidate or certified person for reconsideration of any decision made by the personnel certification body related to her/his desired personnel certification status.

Appeal Committee-A schedule containing names of persons summoned as jurors or a group of persons selected for a particular service such as investigation or arbitration. Appeal committee shall consist of Certification manager, MR, Examiner, and another technically competent person.

5.0 Complaint Handling Procedure:

The customer complaint upon the receipt shall be reviewed if it’s actually the complaint against BRC.
Upon the receipt of the complaint or appeal, the same shall be acknowledged to the relevant party if applicable.
All the required information regarding the complaint or appeal shall be collected by the involved parties and the management representative.
The root cause of the customer complaint is then analyzed and the person responsible for it is sought for the opinion.
The result or judgment after performing Assessment shall be based on the physical condition or the performance of the personnel at the time of the assessment.
In the event of any dispute, the present physical condition or the performance of the personnel or their certification shall be verified by another competent personnel. The situation which leads to the disputed result of the assessment shall be explained.
Upon analyzing the root cause, a conclusion is arrived, on discussion with the relevant parties, General manager, and the management representative, regarding the corrective action to be taken.
The preventive action required to avoid the re occurrence of such complaints are also formulated.
Responsible personnel for executing the corrective and preventive action are fixed or nominated.
Target dates are fixed based on the discussion for the completion of the corrective and preventive actions against the complaints and appeal.
After the implementation of actual corrective action and preventive action, the MR reviews the same and reports to a General manager.
The general manager then reviews the corrective action, preventive action taken to resolve the complaint and ensures appropriate action is taken.
Any appeal would be directed to the Certification Manager or the General Manager to achieve the impartiality of the complaints and the appeal process.
6.0 Appeal Handling Procedure

BRC has documented the process to receive, evaluate and make decisions on appeals. The appeals-handling process includes the following elements and methods:

The process for receiving, validating and investigating the appeal, and for deciding what actions are to be taken in response to it, taking into account the results of previous similar appeals.
Tracking and recording appeals, including actions undertaken to resolve them;
Ensuring that, if applicable, appropriate corrections and corrective actions are taken.
The policies and procedures ensure that all appeals are dealt with in a constructive, impartial and timely manner.
A description of the appeals-handling process is publicly accessible without request.
BRC is responsible for all decisions at all levels of the appeals-handling process and BRC ensures that the decision-making personnel engaged in the appeals handling process are different from those who were involved in the decision being appealed.
Submission, invigilation, and decision on appeals do not result in any discriminatory actions against the appellant.
BRC acknowledges receipt of the appeal and provides the appellant with progress reports and the outcome.
All the appeals also shall be considered like a complaint and would be handled by either the General Manager who isn’t directly involved with the certification process.
BRC gives formal notice to the appellant of the end of the appeals-handling process.

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